Oct 31 2020



Intro to Handguns Class

This all-inclusive beginners class will walk you through the parts of the revolver and semi-automatic handguns, ammunition as well as provide the fundamentals of pistol shooting.

Students must be 21 unless accompanied by an adult for the entire course. This is not a course for CCW. The 4-hour Introduction to Shooting Course is limited to 5 students at this time and is geared toward the novice or new shooter that has little or no firearms experience at all. The class is recommended for people who are interested in beginning shooting or thinking about purchasing a firearm but are not sure of what type of firearm they want. The class begins with the nomenclature of different types of pistols and ammunition. Safe firearm handling is introduced and stressed from the beginning of the class. After handgun familiarization, the class reinforces fundamental firearm safety and the fundamentals of good marksmanship. On the range, each member of the class is given the opportunity to fire rounds from a revolver and a semi-auto of different calibers to get a feel for the different types of handguns and calibers. Graduates receive a coupon for 5% off of their next new handgun purchase.

No firearms experience, firearms, or equipment is required
Maximum: 10 students
Must register in advance.

No refunds.
If canceling, students have 72 hours to reschedule without incurring additional costs.
Classes may be changed up to 3 times or 90 days.

TO REGISTER: Contact us at 703-818-0230 or

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